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9th January 2022

Coming soon Exorcise The Demons of Youth.

All tracks performed by The Destructors (2004-2021)

Includes tracks featuring Andy MacDonald from the 80's Destructors.

Vinyl Only

12th November 2019


The Destructors are sad to announce the sudden death of Chief Destructor Allen Adams. May he RIP.




Punkopera Out now. Part 1 on CD - Part 2 on Vinyl


Out Now- 3rd June 2018


Punkopera. Punkopera is the story of a small group of provincial punks who were either friends or run into each other at the local music emporium. They read about this new scene and decided they wanted a slice of it. It’s the story of their Saturday in the Smoke. Away from the humdrum soul town where violence was never that far away. From meeting at the station, the excitement made the air electric, with money burning a hole in their pocket.


Out on CD from and streaming / downloads from all the usual suspects. There a whiff of vinyl in the air for Punkopera Part 2 maybe! Standby.


Coming Soon


Punk Opera on CD & Limited Edition Vinyl (May 2018)

Destructors (81-83) track Box Set on Cherry Red Records


Rowdy Farrago release the 2nd Folk Punk collective from Skullthuggery titled Skullthuggery 2 (Oh No! Not More Songs About Pirates). Available from our Merch page above.



15th March 2017

The Destructors

‘Pow! That’s Killmusik: Vol 3 (Reflection) 

Rowdy Farrago Records

Believe it or not I was just thinking, “Hmm I’ve not seen anything from The Destructors for a while and the Pow! this arrives. It must be like saying ‘Beetlejuice’ three times in a row. Well, this is a massive, epic album, clocking up over an hour and a quarter with two dozen tracks. In truth, there is enough for 2 albums. The blurb is useful here, cos a lot of the tracks have come from previously released split singles / EPs but there is still some room new material as well. It is a pretty awesome album, mostly up tempo with a good bit of punky attitude. The songs are as catchy as fuck and mostly deal with socio-political issues that I hope us pinky types can get behind. Well worth getting hold of.

Issuepunkzine 89 - March 2017 


9th March 2017


‘Pow! That’s Killmusik: Vol 3 (Reflection) 

Rowdy Farrago Records

New album from The Destructors.  This one contains releases (excluding covers and bonus tracks) from the limited edition split EP's (with our mates from The Black Marias, Gripper, Don't Look Down, Beverly Kills, Ziplock, PMT, Dogtown Rebels, Cretin 77 & The Maligerers). This is the third in the trilogy of POW albums. Another snapshot of THE DESTRUCTORS story from 2010-2015. This includes 6 brand new tracks (which includes two covers of tracks by Death and the Deadbeats) and maybe a cheeky bonus track as well as!  A total  of 25 tracks! Hope you enjoy it!


4th March 2017



‘Pow! That’s Killmusik: Vol 3 (Reflection) 

Rowdy Farrago

I think I’ve reviewed so much Destructors stuff over the last decade that I have virtually run out of superlatives for them! For those of you who have arrived from outer space to start a new life here on Earth I will briefly outline the Destructors for you. They began at Punks beginnings, went away in AD1983 only to be resurrected in AD2005 and remain with us ever since. They play live far too rarely but have broken all records for original recordings, covering other bands recordings and splitting EP’s with like minded bands. This compilation covers all the bands output you may have missed between 2010 and 2015 but excludes the covers and secret recordings that often appear at the end of their releases. Despite that it’s still a grand total of 24 tracks all supplied with the usual quality booklet, lyrics and relevant information. There will be no more in their long running series of split EP’s which is a great shame and love them or not The Destructors are Punk survivors! It could be said that they are part of its saving grace by leading from the front and constantly releasing new and opinionated material but don’t take my word for it – see for yourself. Pow! (Gaz)  

Suspect Device Zine



The Somme

Terrascope Rumbles

Describing themselves as a Scuzz Grunge Garage Punk Rock Band, Our favourite punk band The Destructors return to the fray with ‘Somme’ their latest EP which deals with WW1, each of the eight tunes prefaced by a brief snatch of a popular song from the era such as ‘Rule Britannia’, ‘It's A Long Way To Tipperary’ or ‘Over the Top’.  Opener, ‘Off  to War’ finds the band in fine fettle, a meaty guitar riff with lyrics dealing with the enthusiasm that the soldiers felt as they did their bit for their country, the vitriol in the song shining through. After a sprightly cover of ‘Eton Rifles’, the reality of the conflict is revealed with ‘Mud’ the band sounding like the Monomen at their finest, whilst  ‘Production Line of Death’ is a full blown 1970's punk rock workout that deserves plenty of volume. Elsewhere covers of ‘War’ (made famous by Edwin Starr) and ‘1966’ (Motorhead) add weight to an excellent collection of anti-war tunes that just as relevant today as they have always been. Also, a special mention must be made of ‘A Farewell to Arms (and Legs)’ surely one of the finest song titles ever and a bloody good tune to boot.



New Release

The Destructors - The Somme

Available 1st July to comemorate the 100th Anniversary of this famous and horrific Battle of The Somme during World War 1.

The 8th themed EP with 15 tracks. 12 new, original Destructors tracks and 3 Covers (1916 / Motorhead, Edwin Starr / War, Eton Rifles / The Jam). 

Available from the Destructors Merch Store at or all decent digital download sites like Amazon, iTunes etc. Join us on Facebook at

This one is a belter!



13:13:13 (Malchance)

Collective Zine

About 18 years ago while visiting a second hand shop in Boston USA I bought a second hand leather biker jacket with the words The Destructors stencilled on the back. Can this be the same band? I reckon it could be, sold that jacket to Bones the singer of the Happy Spastics for a tenner a few years later.

Nil pretensions here, this is a punk rock album by a punk rock band in the best possible way. Well played 77/ early 80s style punk rock. Great lyrics and comes with nice art work. Though this LP is really funny in places ( A day in the death and straight into Eleaner Rigby made me laugh out loud.) there is also a darker moments and some politics but not preachy. There is a cover of Lithium by Nirvana, they do it well and it could easily have gone badly, they carry it off with a bit of charm. The Social Distortion cover translates less well. All in all one of the better proper punk bands I have heard in a while and well worth a look if you still soap up yer hair.

Norrie Sills

Collective Zine



New Release

Deus Luna

Split EP with The Destructors and The Malingerers

Available 31st August 2015

Available from the Destuctors Merch Store at or all decent digital download sites like Amazon, iTunes etc. Join us on Facebook at

Check out The Malingerers at




“Politika 2”- Strange Bedfellows


What can I say? This is without doubt the best album DESTRUCTORS have ever done, (in my humble opinion). I really cantt put my finger on any one thing that clicks, it’s a whole load of things. The whole anti-politics, anti-system theme is great. The opening track “Vote” is not fast, but it’s a really powerful song and it hooks you right away – you deffo want to hear the rest of the album after you have heard this. The general style of the album seems faster and heavier than earlier albums. The vocal delivery and backing vocals are really catchy and full of punky angst. The lyrics are excellent, really intelligent and laced with a bit of black humour just to ensure that get taken on board by the listener. The final proof of excellence is in the decision to include a cover of “Do they owe us a living” by CRASS. The original is such an awesome, iconic and perfect punk song that any cover should be viewed with extreme trepidation. That said – the guys have done an excellent job. I really can’t recommend this album highly enough to any discerning punks, young or old.

ISSUE 79 JULY 2015



The DESTRUCTORS: Politika II - Album

This time it's all about politics. Not always the funniest subject, but an important part of punk. And punk is what this British band is playing. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not so good. But the best song must be their cover of the CRASS classic "Owe Us A Living".

I don't really know what else to say, but they are good enough to be worth checking out anyway.

Available here:

Jimmy Blom/Hard Rock Info




Fear & Loathing Zine


THE DESTRUCTORS ”Politika –2  Strange Bedfellows EP” CD Rowdy Farrago

The Destructors launch another diatribe against modern day politics, where the Media means more than morals. In the process, the band produce a really great album with plenty of varied styles and an enjoyable production. Punk and metal vie for space with high energy rock’n’roll, while lyrically, all of those that deserve to be a target of our disdain during the recent election are promptly nailed down. But although the album serves as a timely snapshot of the current situation, it also stands up as a more long-term commentary, basically because the nature of established politics is that very little ever really changes (apart from the individual parasites lining their own pockets…) As a result, the cover of ‘Do They Owe Us A Living’ remains just as vital now as it was when Crass first recorded it, 35 years ago. It’s a sorry state of affairs, indeed, but at least it spurs people into creative opposition, and this is a rather effective example.

May 2015




Suspect Device


THE DESTRUCTORS ”Politika –2  Strange Bedfellows EP” CD Rowdy Farrago

I write this review in the week leading up to the 2015 General Election and I have to say that this is ne manifesto that has the truth printed in it! No lying, No bullshit, No one trying to con you! No one escapes a song or a line or two in their honour as The Destructors hit you with a string of anthems that should stir even the most apolitical of you. From the first track ‘Vote’ to the last track ‘Don’t Vote’ this stands out as one of the finest Destructors releases. Energy, anger and no lack of passion are injected into this Punk Rock masterpiece! Oh yeah! Speaking of anthems! One of the finest covers of ‘Owe us a Living’ by Crass you’ll ever hear is mixed up in all this too! Next time you’re watching the news and you see our glorious political masters opening their mouths and saying nothing – remember the truth is out there! Put this CD on and remind yourself that protest is still alive. This gets ones vote! (Gaz)