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Discography - The Destructors

The Destructors, Punkopera (The Vinyl Chapter), Released 31st October 2018, Rowdy Farrago, RFEP9V
The Destructors, Punkopera, Released 3rd July 2018, Rowdy Farrago, RFEP9
The Destructors, Pow! That's Killmusik: Volume 3 (Reflection), Compilation, Released 9th March 2017, Rowdy Farrago, RFA06
The Destructors, The Somme, Theme EP, Released 1st July 2016, Rowdy Farrago, RFEP8
The Destructors / The Malingerers, Deus Luna, Split EP, Released 31st August 2015, Rowdy Farrago, RF023
The Destructors, Politika 2, Theme EP, Released April 2015, Rowdy Farrago, RFELECT02
The Destructors, Greatest Misses, Compilation, Released January 2015, Rowdy Farrago, RFA05
The Destructors, Dolor Goggler, Theme EP, Released July 2014, Rowdy Farrago, RFEP7
The Destructors / Cretin 77, Divide Et Impera, Split EP, Released 26th May 2014, Rowdy Farrago, RF022
The Destructors, 13:13:13 (Malchance), Date EP, Bad Luck, 31st March 2014, Rowdy Farrago. RF131313
The Destructors, New York, New York, Album, Released 27th January 2014, Rowdy Farrago, RFEP6
The Destructors / The Dogtown Rebels, Terrorismo, Split EP, Released 25th November 2013, Rowdy Farrago, RF021
The Destructors, The Sublime, The Perverse & The Ridiculous, Album, Released 2th September 2013, Rowdy Farrago, RFDES01
The Destructors / PMT Sous Les Paves La Plages, Split EP, Released 25th April 2013, Rowdy Farrago, RF020
The Destructors, 12.12.12 (Ragnarok), Date EP, End of the World, Released 12h December 2012, Rowdy Farrago, RF121212
The Destructors / Ziplock, Pax Romanus, Split EP, Released 24th September 2012, Rowdy Farrago, RF019
The Destructors / The Astronauts, Schwerpunkt / One Wave, Split Album, Released July 2012, Rowdy Farrago, RFSA02
The Destructors, Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, Theme EP, Released May 2012, Rowdy Farrago, RFEP5
The Destructors / Beverley Kills, C'etait La Guerre, Split EP, Released March 2012, Rowdy Farrago, RF018
The Destructors, Pow! That's Kill Musik (Volume 2: Rewind), Album, Released January 2012, Rowdy Farrago, RFA04
The Destructors, 11.11.11 (In Memoriam), Theme EP, War, Released 11th November 2011, Rowdy Farrago, RF111111
The Destructors / Don't Look Down, Je Suis Radio, Split EP, Released 30th September 2011, Rowdy Farrago, RF017
The Destructors / Dun2Def, Wohlgefuhl / Ten Years, Split Album, Released August 2011, Rowdy Farrago, RFSA01
The Destructors, Media Studies, Theme EP, Released May 2011, Rowdy Farrago, RFEP04
The Destructors / Gripper, Les Fleurs Du Mal, Split EP, Released January 2011, Rowdy Farrago, RF016
The Destructors, Helloween, Theme EP, Released October 2010, Rowdy Farrago, RFHELL01
The Destructors, 101010 (The Meaning Of Life EP), Date EP, Released October 2010, Rowdy Farrago, RF101010
The Destructors, Dead Beat To White Heat, Album, Released August 2010, Rowdy Farrago, RFA03
The Destructors / The Black Marias, Zengakuren, Split EP, Released June 2010, Rowdy Farrago, RF015
The Destructors, Politika, Theme Album (Politics), Released April 2010, Rowdy Farrago, RFELECT01
The Destructors / Sick On The Bus, Tormentum Insomniae, Split EP, Released November 2009, Rowdy Farrago, RF014
The Destructors, 999 (The Nein Nein Nein Album), Theme Album (The Police), Released September 2009, Rowdy Farrago, RFEP4
*** Destructors 666 changed their name to The Destructors at this point in time ***
Destructors 666 / Dangers Close, Scheikunde, Split EP, Released August 2009, Rowdy Farrago, RF013
Destructors 666, Quisnam Vigilo Vigilo, Theme Album, (Control), Released July 2009, Rowdy Farrago, RFEP3
Destructors 666, Pow! That's Kill Musik 666 (Volume 1: Revision), Album, Released May 2009, Rowdy Farrago, RFA02
Destructors 666 / Dun2Def, Deus Ex Machina, Released 23rd March 2009, Rowdy Farrago, RF012
Destructors 666, Bah Humbug!, Theme Album (Xmas), Released December 2008, Rowdy Farrago, RFXMAS01
Destructors 666, Malleus Maleficarum, Theme Album (Witchcraft), Released October 2008, Rowdy Farrago, RFEP2
Destructors 666 / March To The Grave, Geistbahn, Split EP, Released September 2008, Rowdy Farrago, RF011
Destructors 666 / The Ruined / Punky Rebel Media, 08:08:08 Split Date EP, Released August 2008, Rowdy Farrago, RF888
Destructors 666 / Dirty Love, Lex Talionis Split EP, Released June 2008, Rowdy Farrago, RF010
Destructors 666 / Eastfield, Labor Omnia Vincit EP, Released April 2008, Rowdy Farrago, RF009
Destructors 666 / White Clouds & Gunfire, Caveat Emptor, Split EP, Released February 2008, Rowdy Farrago, RF008
Destructors 666, Sichien Lassen Mit Fremden Machten, Theme Album (Fortean Times), Released Nov 2007, Rowdy Farrago, RFEP1
Destructors 666 / Fletch Cadillac, Biberati Ut Gothi, Split EP, Released September 2007, Rowdy Farrago, RF007
Destructors 666 / The Ruined, 07:07:07 Split Date EP, Released July 2007, Rowdy Farrago, RF777
Destructors 666, Many Were Killed Few Were Chosen, Album, Released June 2007, Rowdy Farrago, RFA01
Destructors 666 / $UP, No Parasan, Split EP Released April 2007, Rowdy Farrago, RF006
Destructors 666 / Radicus, Gott Mit Uns, Split EP Released December 2006, Rowdy Farrago, RF005
Destructors 666 / The 925s, Storm Unt Drang, Split EP Released September 2006, Rowdy Farrago, RF004
Destructors 666, 06:06:06, 2 Track Date Single, Released June 2006, Rowdy Farrago, RF666
Destructors 666 / The Ruined, Plus Ca Change Pour La Meme Chose, Split EP Released February 2006, Rowdy Farrago, RF003

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